Where to Find Moving Supplies

Between a security deposit or down payment, professional movers, and other expenses, moving house can be quite expensive. You should not have to spend a lot of money on supplies to get you from one home to the next, as well. Of course, you may need to buy packing tape and stickers or a marker for labeling, but most other items you can get for free. This quick guide will fill you in on where you can get moving supplies without increasing your budget.


  • Stores – Every store around receives their products in boxes. You can go to office supply, liquor, grocery, and sporting goods stores and just ask for their boxes from their next shipment.
  • Restaurants – This category also includes bars and coffee shops, too. Any establishment that serves liquor will have the best boxes. If you pick up boxes used to deliver food, make sure they are clean.
  • Craigslist – With so much concern over the environment, many people list their boxes they used for their own move on Craigslist to make sure they get used to their full potential. Be sure to check out Freecycle, too.
  • Schools – Books and office supplies get delivered in boxes. Plus, the cafeteria might have some from its food shipment.

Around the House

You do not need to pay for packing peanuts, bubble wrap, or packing paper; one of the best places to discover moving supplies is in your own home. Towels, linens, t-shirts, tanks, socks, sweaters, etc., can all be used to wrap breakables and cushion and stuff boxes. Garbage bags can be placed over clothes left on hangers to protect them and Zip-lock bags can be used for cables, hardware, and loose items.

Friends and Family

If you still need more supplies for moving, scavenge around your mom’s house to see what you can find or borrow your friend’s luggage sitting out in his garage.

Moving Boxes

Where to Buy Boxes: The Ultimate Guide

Some are under the impression that they have to buy boxes from their moving company. This is not the case. There are plenty of better places to find them! This guide will tell you the best places to buy boxes.

  • UsedCardboardBoxes – If you are looking for a low cost option, you will like what you find here. Moving kits are available in a variety of sizes, from a studio/dorm room up to a 10-room home.
  • UBoxes – This place is your one stop shop for all your needs. You can buy boxes or moving kits, and there are even specialty boxes for wardrobe, televisions, pictures, and files. Plus, you can get mattress covers, blankets, tape, etc.
  • Repax – Recyclable bins are the greener and cleaner alternative to discounted boxes. You select your date, and the bins get dropped off to you. When you are done moving, Repax will pick the empty bins back up. You can even request a dolly.
  • Jugglebox – This is another option, if you prefer to use recyclable bins. They are made of eco-friendly plastic and available in Brooklyn, Manhattan, Queens, Hoboken, and Jersey City.
  • Bin-It – Packages of these bins start at only $99, and include free delivery and pickup. Each bin is large enough to fit 48 books or approximately 15 sweaters and five jackets, so they are quite roomy.

Free Boxes

Why buy moving boxes when you can get them for free? If you are really trying to pinch pennies with your move and you are wondering where to find boxes for moving at a discounted rate then you will likely appreciate this guide for free boxes.

Office supply, book, grocery, home improvement, sporting good, and liquor stores all receive shipments at least once a week or more. Stop in to find out what day the next shipment is scheduled, and ask if you can pick up the boxes. Bars and restaurants are great resources for moving boxes, too!


What Moving Supplies Do I Need Besides Boxes?

Whether this is your first time moving house, or if you would simply like to have a better experience than you had last time, it is helpful if you have all your moving supplies handy from the start. This guide will fill you in on all the moving supplies you will need, other than boxes, of course!

  • Tape – Good packing tape is important, especially to make sure the bottom of your boxes hold together. You can use scissors to cut, but then you have to constantly try to find where the roll begins again. Do yourself a favor and splurge a few extra dollars on a dispenser.
  • Labels – A marker is imperative. This will allow you to write room names and special handling instructions on the boxes. You can also use colored stickers to label boxes according to room, and for the most organized move, use packing labels.
  • Covers – Mattress covers are essential! They usually run around $10, depending on size and they will protect your mattress as it is dragged across a muddy lawn or rained on. You can also buy covers for sofas and chairs, as well, but these items do not seem to ever take the abuse a mattress does. Do not forget one for your box spring, too!
  • Packing Products – Most people looking for a list of moving supplies needed in addition to boxes know they need packing products, but are not quite sure what. Bubble wrap, packing peanuts, and glass packs all generally come to mind. However, you probably have a lot of supplies around the house you can use, as well.
  • Scissors or Knife – You do not necessarily need scissors or a knife for packing, but you do want to remember to pack one in your essentials box, so you have something to cut boxes open with at your new place.
  • Moving Blankets – The best moving companies will have these available to wrap your television, glass cabinet, wood table, etc., but they will likely charge for them. It will be cheaper to just buy them.
Moving tips

Bathroom Packing Tips

Most people leave the bathroom as the last room in the house to pack. It is amazing just how much stuff is crammed into the small space, and you may not even realize how much is even there until you look at your pile of moving boxes. Some leave it till the end simply because it is a pain to deal with all the items that can leak or explode. This bathroom packing guide should help.


All medicine should be packed first in a clear bin or plastic bag. You want to be able to quickly identify it, if you need it. Anything you do not need can go with the rest of the bathroom stuff, but prescription medications should be packed in your essentials box. You may want to keep pain relievers and vitamins with you, as well.

Cleaning Supplies

One of the most important packing tips for your bathroom is to pack cleaning supplies in a separate box. Make sure they are clearly labeled. If you have not already had the chance to clean in your new place you will want to do this first before you start unpacking.

Use Saran Wrap

Although it will take a few extra minutes it is strongly recommended to open all bottles of shampoo, conditioner, liquid soap, bubble bath, and any other item that can leak, and put Saran Wrap over the top. Then, put the lid back on. This will stop liquids from leaking and causing a huge mess.

Fill Holes

If you are taking your shower rack with you or taking art off the walls, you do not want to leave holes there or you won’t get back your full security deposit back. One of the most helpful moving hacks you can put to good use is to simply fill these holes in by rubbing a bar of white soap over there.

Keep Out Essentials

Before you put everything in moving boxes you should keep out the essentials you will need to get you through the first 24 hours, and put these items in your carry-on bag. This includes your shower curtain! This way you will not be forced to dig through boxes when you want to shower and relax.

moving quotes

Places to Find Free Moving Supplies

If you are hiring movers, Houston has a lot to offer. However, even if you compare quotes and schedule during the off-season, the process can put a huge dent in your budget. Fortunately, there are places where you can get moving supplies and moving boxes for free, which will help with your overall cost.

  • Restaurants and Bars – Whether you frequently visit the cozy neighborhood pub at the end of your road, or if you have a few high-priced restaurants nearby that you could never afford to eat at, these places have sturdy liquor and food boxes. If you get food boxes, always inspect them to make sure they are dry and clean.
  • Stores – Grocery, office supply, and liquor stores all receive regular shipments. Simply call and find out if you can pick up the boxes from their next shipment.
  • Craigslist – Quite often, you can find folks giving away boxes from their own move. With the increased concern over the environment, folks want to see cardboard used until it just cannot be used anymore.
  • Borrow – Do you know someone who has moved lately? Maybe they saved all their moving boxes for the next time they relocate. Perhaps they will let you borrow them, if you promise to return when you are done. Alternately, if you can also borrow luggage and gym bags, then these can be put to use, too.
  • Your Home – The best place to get free moving supplies is in your home. You may need to get boxes elsewhere, but you likely have a lot of things that can be used. For example, towels and t-shirts can be used to wrap breakables. Sweatshirts are great to provide the bottom of a fragile-filled box with cushioning and socks can easily replace packing peanuts. Money saved from not paying for supplies will help offset the cost of moving services.