Why It’s Easier to Hire Movers

Few people get excited over the idea of spending money on movers. After all, you are handling over a large sum of money just to get from point A to point B. Surely there must be a better solution, right? Well, if you have it in your mind that you are just going to go rent one of those moving trucks down the road, and handle everything yourself, you may want to reconsider. There are a few reasons why you will find it much easier to just hire movers.

  • No Risk of Injury – It does not matter how strong or in shape you are, moving always poses a risk for injury. Bending and lifting all day is hard on your body and uses a lot of muscles that may not get worked all that often. Plus, there is the risk of falling on stairs, slipping on snow, and pinching fingers in a door frame. Hiring movers make the process easier on your body.

  • Get Done Faster – If you tackle the process yourself it will likely take you the better part of a day, even if you recruit a couple of friends to help. Then, you will already be too exhausted to do much unpacking. If you hire professionals, they will work efficiently and have it done in a few hours. Then, you have the full day to unpack, and you will still have plenty of energy to do so.

  • Set Up – If you have furniture that you need assembled or you want your bed set up, you can work this into your moving quote. Why struggle to get it done when someone else will make sure it is done right?

  • Save Your Favors – Do you really want to call in your favor from all your friends for a few hours of work? Plus, you will have to stress and hope they actually show up. Save that favor for when you buy a home gym or swimming pool you need help assembling. Besides, if you compare movers you will likely find they will not cost that much more than paying for a truck, fuel, and food and beer for your friends.


How Much Should it Cost to Hire Movers?

If you are trying to find out how much it will cost you to hire movers you should know that you will not be able to get a concrete figure until you have movers quotes. However, you can at least evaluate your moving environment and needs, which will help you get a more clear understanding of what fees you may be facing.

  • Home Size – One of the first things movers ask is your home size. However, if you have a three-bedroom home, but everything you own can easily fit into a one bedroom, this can be a little deceiving, which is why more questions will be asked.
  • Appliances – If you are moving appliances, these heavy items will increase your price. Understand that when moving house, weight may play a factor in price. Obviously, a move with appliances will weigh significantly more than one without.
  • Other Large and Heavy Items – Do you have a pool table, hot tub, home gym, king size sleigh bed, or other large and/or heavy items? If yes, then they will cost more. If you have a piano, you will want piano movers to handle it. If you have a grandfather clock, make sure the professionals have handled them before.
  • Disassembling – Do you need large furniture, appliances, or electronics disassembled, or will you be handling this yourself?
  • Moving Environment – One of the things that will play a major role in how much your movers should cost is the moving environment. Do you live in a high-rise building where they will be forced to use a service elevator? Do you live in a low-rise complex on the third floor that will require hauling up several flights of stairs? Will the movers be able to park right by the door, or will they need to park in a lot and carry items more than 75 feet? These factors all play roles. The more work involved, the higher the cost.
  • Distance – A local move is obviously going to cost less than long distance moving. Also, if you will need to make any stops along the way to pick up or drop off furniture, there will be a charge for this.
movers quotes

What Movers Say vs. What Movers Mean

Having a conversation with a mover may initiate flashbacks of experiences talking to a car salesperson, insurance agent, or mortgage broker. You hear them speaking, but nothing is really making sense. Alternately, maybe you understand them just fine, but you are not sure if there is a difference between what movers say and mean, similar to a professional in the other industries mentioned. Well, rest-assured that there probably is!

We Can Provide an Estimate

When you compare movers based on estimates that have simply been provided over the phone there are no guarantees. They can’t possibly guess at the weight or size of your load, and there is a good chance there are hidden fees.

We Have Directions

If you try to provide them with directions and they say they already have them or tell you that they have GPS then there is likely a huge difference between what they are saying and what your movers mean, especially if you have gone with a company that charges by the hour. Movers are known for taking the longest route possible.

We Don’t Mind Carrying Your Stuff Down the Road

If your movers tells you that you do not need to move your car or that they had to park in a lot down the road, it is because they can charge you a long carry fee.

We Can Handle Wrapping Valuables

Before they start wrapping your television in bubble wrap or grab more blankets for your table you should find out what you are getting charged for their generosity.

Should We Hook that Up for You?

When you get moving quotes you should let them know if you need furniture assembled or electronics hooked up. If they offer to do it when they arrive to your home you are likely getting charged for it.

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Planning a Crosstown Move

If you are planning to move crosstown do not make the mistake of waiting until the last minute to take care of everything. Some people assume since they are not dealing with a long distance moving adventure that they really do not have much to prepare for. There is still a lot to do. In some cases, moving across the country goes smoother because folks start preparing sooner.

  • Hire Movers – No, you do not want to make several trips back and forth hauling everything just to save a few bucks. Even if you get a moving truck rental you still have to bribe people to help, hope they show up, exhaust yourself, and risk injury. If you compare movers quotes you will find they are a lot more affordable than you think. The best moving companies will answer all of your questions and offer you a guaranteed, flat price.
  • Clean Your New Place – If you get the keys to your new place a day or so ahead of time, go in and clean. This way, all you have to do is unpack. Even if you won’t be signing your lease until moving day or the day before, your landlord may still unlock the place and let you go in early just to clean.
  • Take Your Pets Over There – Again, if you have the keys, take your pets over at least once so they can get used to the place. This way, when moving day comes they will actually be going someplace familiar. Go ahead and leave a few toys there so they are waiting for them upon arrival.
  • Secure a Babysitter – If you have children, do yourself a favor and hire a babysitter or let their grandparents spoil them for a day. You do not want to worry about a toddler getting in the way or a baby fussing. If you have older kids, perhaps they can have a play date with a friend.
  • Pack Thoughtfully – First, donate or sell everything you do not need. There is no point moving it. Since you are just moving across town, you do not even have to take your clothes off hangers; just wrap them in a sheet and lay them on your backseat. Your food can be transported in a cooler on a hot day. Otherwise, a few shopping bags should be fine. Make sure you pack an overnight bag with all the essentials you need to get through the first day, as well as all important documents.
  • Clean Your Old Place – Do not forfeit your security deposit just because you do not feel like cleaning your old place. You are only across town. There is no excuse to not go back and give it a final scrub and clean the carpet. Your refunded security deposit will help cover the cost of your Austin movers.

How to Stretch Your Moving Budget

If you are like most of the population you are wondering how to stretch your moving budget. Even those with six-figure salaries often cringe at the thought of spending money on movers and moving supplies. Fortunately, there are a lot of little things you can do to stretch each dollar to the limit.


 Compare Movers

 You probably are not thrilled about taking the time to compare moving quotes, but when you find a great deal, and realize how much money you saved, you will be glad you did. It is important that you make sure you are comparing apples and apples. One company may look significantly cheaper, but if it has not factored in your long carry fee or padding for your large electronics, you could see that estimate jump significantly.


 Be Flexible

If you want to know how to stretch your moving budget you will be thrilled to learn that sometimes your flexibility will save you a lot of money. Moving companies typically charge more on popular days and seasons. These include around the 1st and 15th of the month, weekends, and spring through summer. If you can schedule a time when the company has less moves booked you may be offered a more attractive estimate to earn your business.


 Use Free Boxes

It is amazing that so many people pay for boxes when they can get them for free at a multitude of places. Ask the owner at the corner liquor store if you can pick up his heavy duty wine and liquor boxes after his shipment arrives. Bars and restaurants have these super durable boxes, as well.


 Use Moving Supplies You Have

 Forget paying for bubble wrap, paper, packing peanuts, or any other supplies. Get creative with things you have. Towels can be used to wrap breakables, socks are great for taking up space in boxes, and thick sweaters are perfect to use as cushioning in the bottom of a box filled with fragile items. If you want to know how to stretch your moving budget, sometimes you simply need to use your imagination



Easy Ways to Pack Your Clothes

There is absolutely nothing fun about packing or unpacking your wardrobe, aside from discovering pieces you forgot you had. The bedroom is often the last room tackled before the moving company arrives because it is the most dreaded. If this sounds like you, you’ll be happy to learn that there are easy ways to pack your clothes.


  • Keep it on Hangers – Lay a sheet on your bed. Put everything in your closet in the middle of the sheet and tie the ends together. You can lie this across your backseat or on your sofa in one of your moving pods. Everything is still on hangers and ready to go in the closet. An alternate is to open a garbage bag and wrap large sections of your closet in each one.


  • Press’n Seal – If you are looking for easy ways to pack your clothes, this method should be very appealing. Buy a roll of Glad Press’n Seal and seal each individual drawer in your dresser. Why bother unpacking these drawers? They make the perfect moving boxes.


  • Fill in Gaps – Rather than pack socks, tees, tanks, and sweaters, put them to good use. Socks are perfect to wrap glasses and stemware, and tees are ideal for glass bowls and plates. You can also roll all these items and use them to fill space in boxes. By rolling instead of folding you will not end up with wrinkles.


  • Gym Bags – Nearly everyone has an array of gym bags, backpacks, decorative bags, etc., lying around. These are perfect for clothes, and since they are soft, you can squeeze them around boxes in your car.


  • Balance with Shoes – Since clothes are fairly light and shoes are a little heavier, consider mixing the two. If you are using luggage, a hamper, etc., to pack, put a few pair of shoes on the bottom and then clothes on top. When you compare movers, find out if the one you settle on has any rules against bags being used. Some will only handle sealed boxes while others are a bit more flexible. Bags may be one of the easy ways to pack your clothes, but if your movers won’t touch them then you will find yourself scrambling to repack while they wait.