Moving tips

DIY Moving: Top Tips

If you are determined to handle the move yourself without the help of Austin movers then you will need a few DIY moving tips to help ensure a smooth experience. Most people learn from their mistakes during a move, but if you can avoid some of those mistakes completely you will be so much better off. Obviously, hiring movers is always the easiest and most convenient solution, but that does not mean that a do-it-yourself move has to be a bad experience.

  • Rent a Truck – Your buddies have pickup trucks, so you can just load them up and make a few trips, right? Big mistake! First of all, this is just inviting Mother Nature to be uncooperative for the day. Second, items can fly out or get damaged by rocks and debris. Besides, gasoline is expensive! You are better to go with a moving truck rental and get it all done in one load.
  • Lift with Your Knees – Everyone knows to squat and lift, yet every year thousands of people end up with a sore or injured back from bending over and lifting.
  • Take Breaks – It is important that you do not allow yourself to get overly exhausted. This is when you start using bad form and are more likely to get injured. Stay hydrated and munch on high energy snacks.
  • Downsize – The less stuff you have to pack, the less you will have to move. Donate, sell, or trash anything you do not need anymore.
  • Watch Your Step – Whether it is raining, snowing, or if the grass is simply wet with morning dew, these can all create slick walking conditions. Plus, when you walk in the house your wet shoes will slide on the floor. Create a walking path with rugs, or keep old towels or rags on hand to keep the floor dry.
  • Book the Elevator – If you are moving into an apartment complex or high rise one of the most important DIY moving tips to keep in mind is to find out if you need to reserve the service elevator or moving dock.
  • Portable Moving Units – Moving pods are a convenient alternative to renting a truck. You fill them and they get picked up and delivered to your new place to empty at your own convenience.

Prepping Your Kitchen for a Move (While Still Using It)


Few people realize just how much stuff they have in their kitchen until they have used all their moving boxes, and have barely made a dent. You may be tempted to leave this room till last because you are still using a lot of items, but this is a decision you will regret. Prepping your kitchen for a move allows you to get the majority done while leaving essentials that you use daily.


Reduce Clutter

 The first step in prepping your kitchen for a move is to get rid of everything you don’t need. This includes the two dozen coffee mugs you never use and the extra Tupperware lids that don’t have matching bowls. You can donate some items, or have a garage sale to help pay for those top recommended Austin movers you have heard so much about.


Create a Pile of Essentials

 Use your kitchen table and counter to create a pile of everything you absolutely need. You might not need all the boxed and canned goods in your pantry, and you probably will not need the wok on top of your refrigerator or the muffin tins either.


Pack Everything Else

Anything not in your essential pile can get packed and stored in a spare room or corner. When you are done you can put the things you need back in one section. This will allow you to clean the rest of the shelves and drawers, so you have one less thing to do later. Prepping your kitchen for a move simply involves a little evaluation of your belongings. Knowing that the majority of this room is packed will be a huge burden off your shoulders. Now you just need to remember to book that moving company you have your heart set on before their schedule is full.