How Much Should it Cost to Hire Movers?

If you are trying to find out how much it will cost you to hire movers you should know that you will not be able to get a concrete figure until you have movers quotes. However, you can at least evaluate your moving environment and needs, which will help you get a more clear understanding of what fees you may be facing.

  • Home Size – One of the first things movers ask is your home size. However, if you have a three-bedroom home, but everything you own can easily fit into a one bedroom, this can be a little deceiving, which is why more questions will be asked.
  • Appliances – If you are moving appliances, these heavy items will increase your price. Understand that when moving house, weight may play a factor in price. Obviously, a move with appliances will weigh significantly more than one without.
  • Other Large and Heavy Items – Do you have a pool table, hot tub, home gym, king size sleigh bed, or other large and/or heavy items? If yes, then they will cost more. If you have a piano, you will want piano movers to handle it. If you have a grandfather clock, make sure the professionals have handled them before.
  • Disassembling – Do you need large furniture, appliances, or electronics disassembled, or will you be handling this yourself?
  • Moving Environment – One of the things that will play a major role in how much your movers should cost is the moving environment. Do you live in a high-rise building where they will be forced to use a service elevator? Do you live in a low-rise complex on the third floor that will require hauling up several flights of stairs? Will the movers be able to park right by the door, or will they need to park in a lot and carry items more than 75 feet? These factors all play roles. The more work involved, the higher the cost.
  • Distance – A local move is obviously going to cost less than long distance moving. Also, if you will need to make any stops along the way to pick up or drop off furniture, there will be a charge for this.
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How Can You Find the Best Moving Company?

Some people dread the thought of comparing moving companies so much that they simply hire the first one they call. Others simply stick with one of those well-known hourly rate companies because they assume they are the cheapest, but do not realize they are often the worst option. This guide will help you find the best moving company.

Compare Movers

Moving is not something you do every day, so you probably have no idea what companies service your area. You will probably want to get an idea of which company you may be interested in.

Read Reviews

Like any other purchase or hired service, reviews should play a role in your decision. The only way to know how others feel about a company is to read what they have to say. Keep in mind that people are far more likely to take the time to write a negative review than a positive one and no company is perfect.

Better Business Bureau

When it comes to movers, Boston has a lot to offer, but that does not mean they are all recommended. Do not be lured in by an attractive price that is significantly lower than all others. You need to check the company’s rating with the Better Business Bureau, and find out if there are any complaints. If there are complaints, have they been resolved?

Use Unpakt

Fair enough, you are probably reading about how you can find the best moving company and thinking you do not possibly have the time to do all this digging on each company. When you use Unpakt, you can have peace-of-mind knowing that all recommended moving services have been research and properly vetted. These companies are all licensed and insured, and have solid reputations.


How Can I Help My Movers on Moving Day?

Some folks have no problem sitting back and relaxing while their moving professionals do all the work. Others feel as though they should at least be doing something. Well, you do not have to actually do any physical labor to help your movers on moving day. There are some small acts that will help and be appreciated more than you can imagine.

  • Let Them Work – If you are hiring a mover, San Diego has a ton of them and they will likely all tell you that your television, bed, fridge, etc., is not any heavier than the one they lifted yesterday, last week, or last year. They do not need your help; this is what they do! Leave the heavy lifting to them.
  • Be Packed – Trying to sort through things and finish packing while they are trying to load the truck simply will not do. Make sure appliances are unhooked and your fridge and freezer should be turned off to defrost at least 24 hours in advance.
  • Label – Taking a few extra minutes to label moving boxes will save them a lot of time at the new place. They will know exactly where everything goes. You can use colored stickers and place the appropriate sticker on the door to the corresponding room.
  • Provide the Correct Address – Okay, so you are probably laughing, but you might be quite surprised at how many people supply the wrong address to one of the locations. This is especially true for those who book online and do not proofread what they type.
  • Beverages – Bottles of water can be offered year-round. Plus, in the summer, a cold glass of lemonade or iced tea might hit the spot, and in the winter, a cup of coffee or hot cocoa would be nice.
  • Elevators and Parking – If your landlord is meeting you there, confirm your appointment. Find out if you need to reserve the elevator or loading dock. If moving to a loft downtown you might need to reserve a parking space, too.
  • Kids and Pets – One of the biggest ways to help your movers is to keep kids and pets out-of-the-way. Ideally, small children will be with a sitter. Even the best movers who love animals do not want to trip over a cat on the stairs or deal with a puppy chewing on their pant leg.

First Time Home Buyers: Moving into Your New House

If you are a first time home buyer then you are likely anxious to get settled into your first house. Of course, since you have never done this before, you can probably use a few helpful moving tips that most people forget the first time around.

  • Get Keys Made – First of all, if you did not change the locks already, this needs to be done. You never know how many spare keys to your home are floating around out there. You should also get extra keys made now while you are thinking about it. KeyMe is an app you may find helpful.
  • Install an Alarm System – Don’t wait to have an alarm system installed. You will feel so much better knowing your home is protected from the very first night.
  • Cover Windows – Even if you intend on buying window treatments in the near future you should still cover the windows now for the time being. You do not have to invest in anything expensive. Simple curtains will ensure thieves will not be peaking in to see what the new homeowners have.
  • Have a Toolkit Handy – If you have a toolkit already, then great! If not, you can assemble one with the essentials that you will need, such as a tape measure, hammer, nails, level, and power drill. A ladder will come in handy, too!
  • Check for Signs of Pests – Before you hire a moving company to load everything into your new house, you should do a final check for pests. If you need an exterminator, now is the time to hire one.
  • Move In Day Tips – If you are a first time buyer, moving into your new house, you are probably running on adrenaline. However, you will hit a wall eventually. One of the first things you should do after your Austin movers leave is make the bed and hang the shower curtain. So, when you suddenly feel your energy deplete, you will be able to jump into the shower and finally enjoy a night of rest in your new home.

Do it Like a Pro! The Only Moving Checklist You’ll Ever Need

There are a lot of moving checklists floating around the internet, but they all seem to be missing something. You have to essentially print several lists to create one master list, and then you have to deal with duplication. Forget all that nonsense! If you want to move like the pros, this is the only moving guide you will need!

One Month Prior

  • Evaluate your belongings and determine what size moving truck rental you will need. If you are using moving pods instead then you will need to figure out how many you will need delivered.
  • Pick up all your supplies. You can get free boxes from local stores and restaurants or you can order recycled ones online. You may even choose to use plastic, environmentally-friendly bins. You will need packing materials, a mattress cover, blanket, tape, and marker.
  • Start packing early. Anything out of season will not be missed. Plus, things like book collections, antiques, etc., can be done early, too. It is a good idea to get rid of everything you do not need or want. You can donate it, or if you have time, have a garage sale.

Two Weeks Prior

  • Deal with paperwork. This includes everything from transfer school, medical, and vet records to gathering important documents, such as birth and marriage certificates, passports, and insurance papers.
  • Change address with the post office, credit cards, employer, bank, and subscriptions. Cancel the newspaper and pay the delivery boy, too.
  • Schedule start, stop, or transfer service with utilities, waste, cable, and internet providers.
  • Recruit help! Let family and friends know your moving day, so they do not make plans. See if someone can watch your children and/or pets.

One Day Prior

  • The most important chore on this moving day checklist is to make sure an essentials box is packed for everyone in the house. It should include all the clothes, toiletries, toys, etc., needed for the first 24 hours.
  • Disconnect all appliances. Be sure to unplug the fridge and freezer 24 hours in advance so they defrost.
  • Use tape to secure cords or all appliances.
  • Clean as much as you can around the boxes, so there is less to do later.
  • Pick up your moving truck rental. This way you will not have to deal with it in the morning. You may even want to carry a few loads out, if you have time.
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DIY Moving: Top Tips

If you are determined to handle the move yourself without the help of Austin movers then you will need a few DIY moving tips to help ensure a smooth experience. Most people learn from their mistakes during a move, but if you can avoid some of those mistakes completely you will be so much better off. Obviously, hiring movers is always the easiest and most convenient solution, but that does not mean that a do-it-yourself move has to be a bad experience.

  • Rent a Truck – Your buddies have pickup trucks, so you can just load them up and make a few trips, right? Big mistake! First of all, this is just inviting Mother Nature to be uncooperative for the day. Second, items can fly out or get damaged by rocks and debris. Besides, gasoline is expensive! You are better to go with a moving truck rental and get it all done in one load.
  • Lift with Your Knees – Everyone knows to squat and lift, yet every year thousands of people end up with a sore or injured back from bending over and lifting.
  • Take Breaks – It is important that you do not allow yourself to get overly exhausted. This is when you start using bad form and are more likely to get injured. Stay hydrated and munch on high energy snacks.
  • Downsize – The less stuff you have to pack, the less you will have to move. Donate, sell, or trash anything you do not need anymore.
  • Watch Your Step – Whether it is raining, snowing, or if the grass is simply wet with morning dew, these can all create slick walking conditions. Plus, when you walk in the house your wet shoes will slide on the floor. Create a walking path with rugs, or keep old towels or rags on hand to keep the floor dry.
  • Book the Elevator – If you are moving into an apartment complex or high rise one of the most important DIY moving tips to keep in mind is to find out if you need to reserve the service elevator or moving dock.
  • Portable Moving Units – Moving pods are a convenient alternative to renting a truck. You fill them and they get picked up and delivered to your new place to empty at your own convenience.
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Bathroom Packing Tips

Most people leave the bathroom as the last room in the house to pack. It is amazing just how much stuff is crammed into the small space, and you may not even realize how much is even there until you look at your pile of moving boxes. Some leave it till the end simply because it is a pain to deal with all the items that can leak or explode. This bathroom packing guide should help.


All medicine should be packed first in a clear bin or plastic bag. You want to be able to quickly identify it, if you need it. Anything you do not need can go with the rest of the bathroom stuff, but prescription medications should be packed in your essentials box. You may want to keep pain relievers and vitamins with you, as well.

Cleaning Supplies

One of the most important packing tips for your bathroom is to pack cleaning supplies in a separate box. Make sure they are clearly labeled. If you have not already had the chance to clean in your new place you will want to do this first before you start unpacking.

Use Saran Wrap

Although it will take a few extra minutes it is strongly recommended to open all bottles of shampoo, conditioner, liquid soap, bubble bath, and any other item that can leak, and put Saran Wrap over the top. Then, put the lid back on. This will stop liquids from leaking and causing a huge mess.

Fill Holes

If you are taking your shower rack with you or taking art off the walls, you do not want to leave holes there or you won’t get back your full security deposit back. One of the most helpful moving hacks you can put to good use is to simply fill these holes in by rubbing a bar of white soap over there.

Keep Out Essentials

Before you put everything in moving boxes you should keep out the essentials you will need to get you through the first 24 hours, and put these items in your carry-on bag. This includes your shower curtain! This way you will not be forced to dig through boxes when you want to shower and relax.