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Checklist for the Moving Day: Austin Movers

If you have planned the move properly, there is no reason to panic on the moving day. As moving day brings finality to the months of sleepless nights and preparations, it is essential that everything goes on properly on the day. Here are the most important things that should be your priority on the moving day to ensure a smooth move –
  • Ensure that everything is properly packed. Search the closets, cellar and attic to see if you have not left anything by mistake to be packed. 
  • Ensure that the boxes are labeled and properly taped. 
  • Remind the Austin movers once more about the time that you had fixed for the move.
  • Remind the landlord or the tenants about the move so that you can handover the house keys to them.
  • Make sure that you confirm with the utility service providers in your present location to cease the services.
  • Remind the utility service providers and pre-move cleaners at your new location to prepare the house before you arrive there.
Keep these things in mind to ensure that you do not have the last minute delays and you experience a hassle-free move.