How Can I Help My Movers on Moving Day?

Some folks have no problem sitting back and relaxing while their moving professionals do all the work. Others feel as though they should at least be doing something. Well, you do not have to actually do any physical labor to help your movers on moving day. There are some small acts that will help and be appreciated more than you can imagine.

  • Let Them Work – If you are hiring a mover, San Diego has a ton of them and they will likely all tell you that your television, bed, fridge, etc., is not any heavier than the one they lifted yesterday, last week, or last year. They do not need your help; this is what they do! Leave the heavy lifting to them.
  • Be Packed – Trying to sort through things and finish packing while they are trying to load the truck simply will not do. Make sure appliances are unhooked and your fridge and freezer should be turned off to defrost at least 24 hours in advance.
  • Label – Taking a few extra minutes to label moving boxes will save them a lot of time at the new place. They will know exactly where everything goes. You can use colored stickers and place the appropriate sticker on the door to the corresponding room.
  • Provide the Correct Address – Okay, so you are probably laughing, but you might be quite surprised at how many people supply the wrong address to one of the locations. This is especially true for those who book online and do not proofread what they type.
  • Beverages – Bottles of water can be offered year-round. Plus, in the summer, a cold glass of lemonade or iced tea might hit the spot, and in the winter, a cup of coffee or hot cocoa would be nice.
  • Elevators and Parking – If your landlord is meeting you there, confirm your appointment. Find out if you need to reserve the elevator or loading dock. If moving to a loft downtown you might need to reserve a parking space, too.
  • Kids and Pets – One of the biggest ways to help your movers is to keep kids and pets out-of-the-way. Ideally, small children will be with a sitter. Even the best movers who love animals do not want to trip over a cat on the stairs or deal with a puppy chewing on their pant leg.

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