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Why January Is a Great Time to Move

It is confusing why people deal with the high cost of professional movers in the spring. Many think that this is the ideal time to move because it is not too hot or cold. However, dealing with higher prices and the high probability of rain is not all that attractive either. Quite honestly, January is a fantastic time to move for a few different reasons.

Cheap Rates

Moving companies are significantly less busy in the dead of winter. This means that they often need to make their prices a little more attractive to compete with other movers. Unless you have a ton of money just burning a hole in your pocket, a winter move is the way to go.


When you plan a move during the warmer months you are often at the mercy of the mover’s schedule. They are generally booked all day every day. However, since folks typically do not like moving in the winter, you can name your time and day. For the best deal, opt for the middle of the week around mid-month. Those who do move during this time generally stick with the weekends or the 1st of 15th, which typically have higher rates.

No Mud

If the ground is frozen you do not have to worry about mud getting tracked through your home. Even if boots are covered in snow, it will melt. It is always recommended to hire a moving company if you plan a January move. If it does snow you will not have to worry about it. Just make sure your sidewalks are shoveled and salted for them to safely get back and forth from the truck.


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