movers quotes

What Movers Say vs. What Movers Mean

Having a conversation with a mover may initiate flashbacks of experiences talking to a car salesperson, insurance agent, or mortgage broker. You hear them speaking, but nothing is really making sense. Alternately, maybe you understand them just fine, but you are not sure if there is a difference between what movers say and mean, similar to a professional in the other industries mentioned. Well, rest-assured that there probably is!

We Can Provide an Estimate

When you compare movers based on estimates that have simply been provided over the phone there are no guarantees. They can’t possibly guess at the weight or size of your load, and there is a good chance there are hidden fees.

We Have Directions

If you try to provide them with directions and they say they already have them or tell you that they have GPS then there is likely a huge difference between what they are saying and what your movers mean, especially if you have gone with a company that charges by the hour. Movers are known for taking the longest route possible.

We Don’t Mind Carrying Your Stuff Down the Road

If your movers tells you that you do not need to move your car or that they had to park in a lot down the road, it is because they can charge you a long carry fee.

We Can Handle Wrapping Valuables

Before they start wrapping your television in bubble wrap or grab more blankets for your table you should find out what you are getting charged for their generosity.

Should We Hook that Up for You?

When you get moving quotes you should let them know if you need furniture assembled or electronics hooked up. If they offer to do it when they arrive to your home you are likely getting charged for it.


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