moving house

Top Tips for Selling Your Home Fast

As you probably know, it is definitely a buyer’s market right now. There are a lot of great houses up for grabs, so you may have more competition in your area than you even think. Do not get discouraged before you even begin though! Follow these tips to sell a home fast, and you may be surprised at how quickly you are sealing the deal. Soon enough, you’ll be downloading moving checklists and seeking moving truck rental companies.

  • Price Fairly – You might be waiting a long time to start looking into moving companies, if your price is too high. You might think it is smart to do this, so you have room to negotiate. However, a potential buyer will see your hefty price tag compared to other similar homes in the area and might not even bother looking at it.
  • Don’t Over-stage – Folks should be able to walk through your home and picture living there. If your rooms are staged like a five-star resort and they are simple folks this makes it hard to do.
  • Eliminate Personal Items – It is okay to leave a few family photos out, but again, it is difficult to picture yourself living in a home when all you see are photos everywhere you look. You should keep holiday decorations to a minimum, in case the potential buyer does not celebrate whatever holiday it is.
  • Sweeten the Deal – One of the easiest ways to sell your home fast is to sweeten the deal. Cover closing costs, throw in a new flat screen television, hot tub, or riding lawn mower or whatever else might give you an edge over other homes they may be looking at.
  • Curb Appeal – Do not neglect landscaping just because you are moving out. Remember that first impressions count and curb appeal is important. Could your shutters use a fresh coat of paint? Does the driveway have a few cracks that need repairing?
  • Do Not Hover – If you hired a realtor you do not even need to be at the open house. If you do need to be there, do not hover! Following potential buyers around, so you are available to answer questions will only make them feel rushed. They will know where to find you, if they need you. Following these tips for selling a home quickly will have you packing your bags and making your moving checklist sooner than you might expect.

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