Tips for Moving a Dog

You may think that because your dog loves people or is incredibly laid back that he will not be affected by the move, but you may be quite surprised. There is a big difference between Duke meeting new people at a park and watching movers carry away all of “his” stuff, and then being relocated to a place he does not know. No matter how easy going you think your canine is you will want to consider these moving tips and tricks when you move with your dog.

  • Pack Early – If you have ever moved around your furniture or even bought a new rug or pillow your dog was probably quick to notice it. This minor change is not a big deal, but when he has to deal with everything getting boxed up it will be. Pack a little at a time and pile boxes in a spare room somewhere out-of-the-way. Let him look in the boxes and check things out if he wants. He will likely only supervise for a bit before he finds something better to do.
  • Introduce to Carrier – If your dog will need to be in a carrier during transport, he should be comfortable with it long before moving day.
  • Find a Dog Sitter – Rather than him being forced to watch his things handled by strangers, drop him off at the house of a friend or relative for the day. Maybe you have an actual friend who can take him hiking or for a run, so he will be tired by the time you get him.
  • Keep Him Secure – If he needs to be in either home while the movers are going in-and-out secure him in a room with the door closed. Put a note on it so the movers do not open it. If there will ever be a time when he will bolt out the front door or over a fence it will be during a move. For this reason you need to make sure his tag and microchip contact information are current.
  • Introduce Early – If you have the keys to your new place early, consider taking him over there a couple times, so he can get used to it. Leave a toy behind each time, so they are there waiting for him.
  • Stay Calm – The moving process in general can be stressful for your dog. However, he will also pick up on your stress and anxiety. So, one of the most important tips for moving to a new house with a dog is to stay calm and positive, so he will not feel as though something is wrong.

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