Tips for Moving a Cat

In a perfect world your cat would love car rides and walk on a leash. Unfortunately, if you are like most feline parents, you got a migraine from the crying last time you had to actually take your cat to the vet. For the most part they hate cars. Well, do you know what they hate even more than car rides? Change! So, you are going to need these tips for moving house with a cat more than you might expect.

  • Introduce to Carrier – If Mr. Whiskers has not been in his carrier in a while, start getting him used to it weeks ahead of time. You can leave it out with a soft blanket, toys, or treats inside, and you may find he starts going in it to sleep. If he has only ever been in a carrier to go to the vet, he will view it as something negative, so this introductory period is very important.
  • Pack Early – Waiting until the last minute to get your moving boxes out and essentially turn his world upside-down is not going to make him happy. Pack a few boxes a day. Cats love boxes, so leave one out for him to play with.
  • Maintain a Stable Routine – Cats already do not like dealing with change, so if you tamper with his routine he could become very stressed. Aim to feed him at the same time, and make sure he is receiving the same amount of attention as always.
  • Medication – If your cat is extremely skittish around people or noise, consider using a natural or vet-prescribed anti-anxiety medication.
  • Secure on Moving Day – If you are moving across town, you may want to go ahead and move him first before the movers arrive. This will give him time to explore the new home before everyone gets there. Make sure you leave blankets, a sweatshirt that smells like you, etc., so he has things there he recognizes. If this is not possible, secure him in a room and tape a note on the door, so the professional movers do not open it and let him out.

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