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Relocating for Business? Things to Consider

There are things to consider when you relocate for business. Whether your employer is giving you a promotion and moving you or if you are taking it upon yourself to move to where there is greater opportunity, there are a lot of decisions to make and things to think about.

  • Relationships – If you are married, your spouse may be incredibly supportive and eager to compare movers and get on the road, or they may feel completely the opposite. If they have a career of their own, then they will likely be concerned about starting over, if they can’t get a job transfer. If you are not married, but have a significant other, you will need to decide if you are both willing to make a long distance relationship work. If not, is the job important enough to call it quits with them?
  • Children – You may assume that your kids will be fine once they make new friends. For the most part, they will be. However, if you have a senior in high school, making them transfer at this point would be very hard.
  • Job Security – If you are getting a promotion then you might be thinking you have nothing to worry about, when it comes to job security. However, if you are relocating for business, one of the things you need to consider is the financial shape of the company. Is your new position open because those higher up know the company is in financial distress?
  • Cost of Living – Do not sing and dance over that raise yet! You need to find out if the price of living is higher in your new location. If it is, you might not be any better off.
  • Activities – Is the area a place you could be happy? If you live near a state park where you can run or ride the trails every morning or take your kayak on the lake on the weekends, and you are moving to a city an hour away from a major park, you might find yourself miserable.
  • Moving Expenses – Long distance moving can be expensive. Is the company covering all of it, or just a portion? Is your lodging, fuel, food, etc., covered along the way? If you need to put your stuff in storage or stay in a hotel or temporary housing until you find a place, will this expense come out of your pocket?

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