long distance moving

Planning a Crosstown Move

If you are planning to move crosstown do not make the mistake of waiting until the last minute to take care of everything. Some people assume since they are not dealing with a long distance moving adventure that they really do not have much to prepare for. There is still a lot to do. In some cases, moving across the country goes smoother because folks start preparing sooner.

  • Hire Movers – No, you do not want to make several trips back and forth hauling everything just to save a few bucks. Even if you get a moving truck rental you still have to bribe people to help, hope they show up, exhaust yourself, and risk injury. If you compare movers quotes you will find they are a lot more affordable than you think. The best moving companies will answer all of your questions and offer you a guaranteed, flat price.
  • Clean Your New Place – If you get the keys to your new place a day or so ahead of time, go in and clean. This way, all you have to do is unpack. Even if you won’t be signing your lease until moving day or the day before, your landlord may still unlock the place and let you go in early just to clean.
  • Take Your Pets Over There – Again, if you have the keys, take your pets over at least once so they can get used to the place. This way, when moving day comes they will actually be going someplace familiar. Go ahead and leave a few toys there so they are waiting for them upon arrival.
  • Secure a Babysitter – If you have children, do yourself a favor and hire a babysitter or let their grandparents spoil them for a day. You do not want to worry about a toddler getting in the way or a baby fussing. If you have older kids, perhaps they can have a play date with a friend.
  • Pack Thoughtfully – First, donate or sell everything you do not need. There is no point moving it. Since you are just moving across town, you do not even have to take your clothes off hangers; just wrap them in a sheet and lay them on your backseat. Your food can be transported in a cooler on a hot day. Otherwise, a few shopping bags should be fine. Make sure you pack an overnight bag with all the essentials you need to get through the first day, as well as all important documents.
  • Clean Your Old Place – Do not forfeit your security deposit just because you do not feel like cleaning your old place. You are only across town. There is no excuse to not go back and give it a final scrub and clean the carpet. Your refunded security deposit will help cover the cost of your Austin movers.

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