Office Movers

Office Moving Checklist

Moving an office can be as stressful as moving house. In fact, if you have a business or are moving several offices the stress level is turned up a notch. Even moving your home office can get you a little frazzled, if you have a lot of equipment and important files. Making a moving checklist for your office will be one of those things you do not truly appreciate until you have that moment when you realize how glad you are that you have it. There will be a moment!

  • Hire a moving company! Do not just hire any movers either! You need to secure one of the best moving companies, if you have sensitive materials or costly electronics.
  • Create a list of inventory.
  • Order phone and fax numbers for the new office.
  • Turn on or transfer utilities and secure internet.
  • Order new address labels and business checks.
  • Take measurements or get a blueprint of the new space, so you can create a floor plan.
  • Make sure you have the right coverage of insurance.
  • Arrange for cleaning of the new and current office.
  • Create moving office checklists for all employees, if applicable.
  • Backup computers.
  • Reserve loading dock and elevator, if moving into a building with them.
  • Send change of address to all customers, clients, vendors, etc.
  • Use colored stickers to disassemble electronics, so you know what cables and USB cords go into which ports. You can use a color code system for large-scale office moves, too. Just make sure all team members are familiar with the coding system.
  • Reconfirm your schedule date with the moving company. You may even want to schedule a meeting to go over any important details to ensure it goes smoothly when the day comes.

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