Moving Out? Guide to Getting Your Security Deposit Back

Many people just assume that they will not get their security deposit refunded to them, so they do not even bother trying. This is unfortunate. Even if you only get a portion back it will still help offset the cost of your moving truck rental, or professional movers, if you hire them. Do not let your landlord keep your hard-earned money. All you need is a few tips to get back your security deposit.

  • Don’t Break Your Lease – Obviously the one thing you do have to do is make sure you honor your lease.
  • Clean – Spending a few hours scrubbing the place from top to bottom is vital. You do not want to know what your landlord might say it will cost him to hire someone. Sometimes it is close to $250! Clean as much as you can before you move, so it doesn’t seem like such a big job.
  • Clean the Carpet – Cleaning the carpet is not a huge job. You can rent a carpet cleaner at many grocery stores, and you can typically do an apartment or small house within hours. Again, your landlord will likely take several hundred out of your deposit to cover this, even if it only costs him a fraction of this.
  • Handle Minor Repairs – One of the easiest things you can do to ensure you receive your rental deposit back is take care of minor repairs. Fill holes in the wall, replace the screen your cat scratched, and the molding your dog chewed. Even if you have to hire a handyman for an hour or so, it will be money well-spent.
  • Take Pictures – After you or the movers have removed everything and the place is clean, take photos of every room to prove what it looked like when you left it.
  • Schedule a Walk through – If your landlord lives out of town or if you are moving house to another state, a walk through may not be possible. However, if it is, arrange for a time when you can go through the place together. Do make sure you hand in all sets of keys and garage door openers, as well.

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