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Injury Free Packing – Tips for Moving Heavy Furniture

Every year countless people end up off work and sometimes in the hospital due to injuries sustained during a move. In many cases these injuries could have been completely prevented. Follow this guide to injury free packing, and use these tips when you move heavy furniture.

  • Pack Light – Some assume that the smartest thing they can do is use large boxes. After all, fewer boxes mean fewer trips to your moving pods or truck rental, right? Well, larger boxes are generally very heavy, and therefore increase your risk for injury. Stick with medium-sized ones.
  • Lift with Your Knees – While you are packing you need to be mindful of how you are lifting everything. If you are moving boxes into a spare room, so they are out-of-the-way, you can still become injured. Make sure you are lifting properly.
  • Seek Help Disassembling – Large items, such as swing sets, hot tubs, and pool tables are a lot of work to disassemble. These items are made up of large and heavy components. You do not want to handle disassembling on your own.
  • Don’t Strain – You may think you are strong until you are on the fourth trip back into the house after carrying a television, sofa, and two dressers. Now it is time to move the appliances and you are already feeling beat up. Well, when your body starts feeling like Jell-O, it is telling you that it has had enough. At this point you are very susceptible to injury. Lifting one more heavy item or moving the wrong way could be the final straw.
  • Hire Professionals – The key to packing and moving heavy furniture without injury is to simply hire professionals and let them do the hard work. You may think you will save yourself a lot of money, if you do a self-move, but when you are in bed for weeks with a serious back injury you may feel differently. Do yourself a favor and hire local movers; NYC has a ton available. If you compare quotes and schedule thoughtfully you might be surprised at how affordable professional services can be.

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