Guide to Labeling Your Moving Boxes

Many people completely fail at labeling moving boxes the first time they move house. So, if you are getting ready to start packing, and you are determined to not make the same mistake as last time, you are not alone. Taking a few extra seconds with each box will make your life significantly easier once you are in your new place and trying to unpack.

  • Label By Room – When all you want is a shower curtain, because you are exhausted and ready for bed, you do not want to be forced to open dozens of boxes to find it. Simply write the room right on the moving boxes. Always write on at least two sides. If you only write on one side, it is almost guaranteed that this will be the side closest to the wall.
  • Colored Stickers – Instead of writing on the boxes you can simply use colored stickers. Designate one color to each room. When you get to your new place, put stickers on the doors where the corresponding boxes should go. You can also get a piece of poster board and create a sign that says where they should go. Again, make sure you put one on at least two sides.
  • Fragile – Nearly every guide about labeling boxes for moving will tell you to mark boxes with breakables inside as “FRAGILE.” It is a good idea to write it in marker on top and two sides, so nothing heavy gets stacked on it.
  • Inventory – For a very organized move, or one filled with a lot of valuables, you might want to number each box and write down in a notebook everything that is inside, so you know exactly what contents were inside the missing boxes. This is helpful and can be included in your moving checklist.
  • Packing Labels – There are a variety of packing labels available. Some will have “FRAGILE” already written on them while others will have room names. There are also packing labels that allow you to write the contents on them. Even if you hire the best movers, never reveal too much information regarding valuables. For example, if jewelry or a coin collection is inside, use a code word, so only you know what it is, but the moving company doesn’t.

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