Tops 3 Ways to Go Green During Your Move

Many people do not realize how a simple move can affect the environment in such a negative way. Whether you consider yourself an environmentalist or if you are looking for small ways to reduce your carbon footprint, you will consider these 3 tips to go green during your next move.


Thoughtful Moving Supplies


The absolute last thing you ever want to do is pay for new moving boxes. Why use fresh cardboard, if you do not have to? Not only does this waste valuable resources, it’s a waste of money, too. You can get free boxes at local restaurants and stores. When you are done with them, you can recycle, save for your next move, or list them for free on Craigslist, so someone else can use them. You may want to consider renting plastic bins, as well. These are strong and have handles, and are a great alternative to boxes.


As for moving supplies, you will want to skip the bubble wrap, packing peanuts, and paper. Towels, t-shirts, socks, Ziploc bags, and twist ties are just a few of the many things you probably have laying around the house that you can use.


Environmentally-friendly Cleaning Products


If you are still using cleaning products with toxic chemicals, this is a good time to switch. Those chemicals are not good for you or the environment. There are enough fantastic, alternative options today that there is no excuse to buy those outdated damaging products.


Choose a Green Mover


One of the most significant acts you can do to have a green move is to hire a moving company that practices environmentally-friendly attributes. Some use recycled cotton moving pads, rent out crates, and recycle boxes, and there are even some that use bio-diesel trucks.


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