Moving Out of an Apartment? What to Ask Your Building

You have probably made a moving checklist to make sure every detail of your move is taken care of. You may even know all the right questions to ask when you compare movers, or pick a new doctor, vet, school, etc. Well, if you are moving out of an apartment, did you remember to make a list of questions to ask your building?


When Should We Have a Final Walkthrough?


Do not assume you will receive your full security deposit back just because you leave the place cleaner than when you moved in. Landlords are notorious for finding issues to keep some or all of a deposit. The only way you can make sure you are both on the same page is to perform a final walkthrough together.


When Will I Get My Security Deposit?


If you are moving out of a private apartment, your landlord may write you a check for your deposit minus any cleaning and repairs right away. However, most apartment complexes have policies to follow. Perhaps the accounts payable person only writes them once a week or maybe they have a policy that gives them 30 days to pay. Ask your building when you will get paid. Find out if the check will be mailed, or if you have the option of picking it up, if you prefer. Make sure they have your new address correctly documented, if they will be mailing it.


Does the Elevator Need to Be Reserved?


Just because you didn’t have to reserve the service elevator when you moved in a few years ago does not mean you don’t have to reserve it now. The last thing you want is for your Austin movers to show up, but not have access to an elevator because it is being used by people moving into the building.


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