Is a Stress-free Move Possible?

Before you read that title and break out in laughter, you should know that a stress-free move really is possible, with the right moving tips. Moving is a lot of work and there are a lot of small details to remember, but with a little extra thought and careful planning, you can make it through without losing sleep or feeling your nerves frazzled.


  • Create a List – The most important thing you can do if you want a move free of stress is to create a list of everything you need to do. You will probably continuously add to it, and that is okay! It will keep you organized so you don’t forget anything.


  • Compare Moving Companies – Moving day is stressful enough without dealing with movers who are late, damaged or stolen property, unexpected fees, or any other act of unprofessionalism. Do not just compare moving quotes; take the time to compare the companies, as well. Make sure the one you choose is licensed, insured, and trusted in the community.


  • Pack Early – One of the main reasons people start moving day all stressed out is because they have spent the last few days power-packing to the point of exhaustion. Pack one or two small boxes a day as soon as you find out you are officially moving and you will barely have any left to do during the final week.


  • Pack a Carry-on Bag – When you arrive at your new place, you should be able to clean and enjoy the unpacking process you do not want to be forced to open every box just so you can shower or find toys for the kids or the bag of dog food. An essentials bag will contain everything you need for at least the first 24 hours.


  • Be Prepared – Stress often stems from surprises, so the better prepared you are the higher chance you have of enjoying a stress-free move. Have a doctor, vet, etc., already picked out. Know where a 24-hour medical clinic or pharmacy is. Have an idea of what public transportation is available, if you will be relying on it. When you make your checklist for moving you can always buy a notepad to use for jotting down this information, so you have it handy if you need it.


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