How to Organize Your Self-storage Unit

Before you start unloading that moving truck rental you should give a little thought to how you are going to organize the self-storage unit you rented. You need to consider that there is a chance you will realize you forgot something and need to find it. Not to mention, if you hire local movers, NYC companies typically like to load large, heavy items first. So, if your storage unit has all small boxes toward the front, it may slow them down considerably to move these out-of-the-way.

  • Make Use of Shelving and Tables – If you have shelving units, tables, desks, or anything similar, they will play a leading role in organizing your storage unit. These items should be placed against walls, so you can stack boxes and other items on the shelves, and on and under the tables.

  • Leave Large Items Accessible – Rather than load all of your largest and heaviest pieces against the back wall, choose a side wall instead. This will allow the movers to access these items without moving everything else out first.

  • Use Colored Stickers – Chances are good that you are probably using colored stickers to distinguish which room each box goes in. You might as well stack them in the unit grouped with like-colored boxes. This way, when you realize you forgot something, you know which boxes you should be looking in.

  • Leave Walking Paths – Before you pile everything else against the tables and shelving, make sure you leave a small walking path to access these boxes before filling the center of the room.

  • Prioritize – If space is tight in the unit, and you cannot leave a walking path, prioritize your moving boxes. The things least important that you know you absolutely will not need should be closest to the wall, and furthest out of reach.


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