How to Move Appliances

If you are using moving pods or have secured a moving truck rental for a self-move, you will need to know how to move your appliances. As a rule, appliances should always be thoroughly cleaned prior to a move.


  • Remove all parts that can be removed to wash and dry.
  • Unplug at least 24 hours prior to allow moisture to evaporate.
  • Empty evaporator pan and water reservoir and vacuum compressor or condenser.
  • Disconnect water line, if you have one.


  • Arrange for a service technician to disconnect the gas line, if applicable.
  • Remove, clean, and pack all removable parts.
  • If you have a gas range, you will need to schedule an appointment for a gas installer to come to your new place to connect the line, light the pilot, etc.


  • Disconnect dishwasher and drain hoses at least 48 hours prior to the move.
  • Leave open to air out.
  • Hoses should be wrapped in towels and placed right inside so you know where to find them.

Washing Machine

  • Disconnect at least 24 hours prior and allow to air dry.
  • Use towels to wrap metal connector ends and place them in the washer.
  • Use the manufacturer’s guidelines to secure the tub. You can hire a handyman to do this, if you are not quite sure how, or if you have misplaced your manual.
  • Unless you are comfortable with the installation process you should schedule a qualified installer to come to your new place after the move to handle it.

Clothes Dryer

  • Unplug and clean lint screen.
  • If you have a gas dryer you will need a qualified technician to disconnect the line in your current place and connect in your new home.

It is important to keep in mind that many move-related injuries are sustained because of heavy appliances. Not to mention, there are a lot of moving components that can be damaged through shaking or dropping. You may want to consider hiring one of the best moving companies to at least handle the appliances. It should be noted that movers cannot disconnect or connect gas lines.


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