Checking Out Your New Neighborhood After Your Move

Once your move is officially done you will likely be either anxious to check out your new neighborhood or you will be a little nervous. Those who are adventurous and have no trouble making friends probably do not need much advice on how to go about exploring. However, if you have never been one to strike up a conversation with strangers, or if you are transitioning from a small town to a larger city, you could be feeling a little intimidating or overwhelmed.

Ask Professional Movers for Ideal Recommendations

Who better to ask about the neighborhood than your movers? Boston, NYC, Austin, and any other busy metropolis are full of hidden gems where locals mingle without worrying about tons of tourists imposing. Ask your movers where the local hotspots are. If anyone will know where the best running trails, happy hour, or farmer’s market is, they will.

Get a Little Lost

The best way to check out your new neighborhood after you unpack is to just let yourself get a little lost. Put on some comfy shoes and walk. You can always get acquainted with the public transportation system, too. Do not worry about getting too lost; there are plenty of phone applications that will help you find your way home. Speaking of apps, you can use these to find destinations in the city.

Make a List

Make a list of the places you want to check out. As you have time to visit them check them off the list. You can use Yelp for ideas of places to add to your list. If you are dying for some time with nature at a park right away, or if you absolutely need pizza or Chinese food for unpacking, your best bet is to definitely ask the movers to point you in the right direction before they go.


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