Are Professional Movers Worth It?

For some people, the thought of moving house themselves is not even an option. However, there are others who just cannot decide if professional movers are worth the expense. If this sounds like you, maybe you are looking at your budget and thinking you could save a lot of money if you handle it with a few friends. This may sound good in theory, but it is not necessarily the right option.

Reduced Risk of Injury

One of the main reasons professional movers are worth hiring is because they reduce your risk of injury. Just because you consider yourself strong or in shape does not mean you won’t be hurt during a move. You will be using muscles you do not usually use, and it only takes one wrong move to end up in the emergency room and off work with a back injury. Not to mention, you could sustain a fall or suffer from some other random injury.

Reduced Stress

Moving is stressful enough without the added pressure that comes along with a self-move. You will not have to worry if it will be raining or snowing, or be concerned that some of your less reliable friends might not show up to help. When you schedule moving services, you can count on them being there regardless if Mother Nature is cooperating or not. If your friends do not show up, it’s won’t be a big deal.

Proper Equipment

If you handle a move, you have to worry about having essential equipment, such as dollies, ropes, and furniture pads. Not to mention, if you drive a compact hatchback, will you be comfortable maneuvering a moving truck?

Savings Not Sufficient

Most people assume they will save a tremendous amount of money, if they don’t hire professional. By the time you pay for a moving truck rental, mileage, gas, beer to recruit friends, etc., you will be pretty much close to what you would pay to hire a company.


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