Why it’s Important to Leave a Review of Your Movers After Your Move

After your Austin movers leave, you may make a mental note to leave a review of them later, but chances are pretty good that unless they were awful, you will not get around to it. Like any other purchase or service, most people are far more likely to provide details of their experience if it was a nightmare. This is unfortunate. It is important to leave a review of your movers after the move for a couple different reasons.


Help Others

 Most people looking to compare moving quotes want information beyond the price to evaluate. Did you read reviews when you were trying to decide who to hire? Perhaps you were grateful that there were some available or maybe you felt frustrated that you could not find any. Either way, folks like you move every single day and are looking for the same information you sought out to find.

 Taking a few minutes to leave a review of the movers after you are unpacked and settled could be very helpful for someone else. If you had a great experience, you should want to share that information, but if your day was a disaster, you want to warn others, as well.


Help the Movers

 When you were looking for a moving company, you may have noticed that most have complaints, but very few have many positive reviews; even the top companies! Why is everyone so quick to write one when they are angry, but do not have the time to sing the praise of the company when they do everything right? Potential customers look at five bad reviews and think the company must be horrible, but do not consider the hundreds or thousands who had a positive experience.

 Leaving a review that the company you hired had the best movers will help them stand out from others. This could be very valuable to a small or newer company trying to compete with some of the larger and more well-known names.



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