Unpacking Tips

You have probably been given a ton of advice to help with packing for your move, but it is also quite likely that no one has offered any advice regarding unpacking. When your movers leave you may very well have a moment where you look around and feel absolutely lost. Where are you supposed to even begin? This unpacking guide should help.

  • Clean the bathroom and kitchen first. You will want to take a shower, and you do not want to put plates or glasses on shelves without wiping them down first.

  • Start unpacking the bathroom. You will likely find you will be high on adrenaline when the moving company leaves, but you will hit a wall at some point, and you will be glad your shower curtain is up, and your toiletries are waiting for you.

  • Move to the kitchen next. You do not have to unpack the entire kitchen yet, but at least have the basics done, so you can function normally.

  • Break down boxes as you go and put them in one large box not broken down. You do not need empty boxes scattered all over, causing more of a clutter.

  • Try to eat healthy. Pizza is typically the go-to food option of movers. While this is “fine” you should not make things worse by also snacking on chips and chocolate. Hopefully you at least packed some fruit or granola bars in your essentials bag.

  • Do not put off going to the grocery store. Although you probably will not want to go the first day, it should be high on your list the second day.

  • Take breaks periodically, even if it is just to step outside and get a little fresh air.

  • One of the most important moving tips for unpacking is to take your time. You absolutely do not need to have everything done in one day. You have plenty of time to get around to everything. Make sure you have essentials for living, and take your time on the rest.


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