Top 5 “Don’t Forget” Items During a Move

Even the most organized folks known for their attention to detail forget things during a move. Your mind is racing with a list of tasks you need to do at any given moment. Plus, you can easily leave things behind that you are used to looking at because they blend in. For example, you might not notice the dog’s teeth marks in the corner of the coffee table anymore, but it is likely the first thing guests see when they arrive. There are 5 items most commonly forgotten when moving that you will want to make a point to remember.

  1. Records – When you create your moving checklist to make sure that you remember to add obtaining records to it. If you are moving across town, obviously this is not a big deal. Otherwise you need medical, dental, vet, and school records.

  1. Change of Address – It may seem strange that this basic chore would be forgotten, but sometimes it is the things staring you in the face that you simply ignore. You need to change your address with the post office, and do not forget to change your license promptly after the move.

  1. Hidden Items – The best movers will typically recommend doing a walkthrough with you. You may overlook mirrors, and other obvious items. You might have also forgotten hidden items in the top of your closet, corner cupboard, etc., that a second pair of eyes will catch.

  1. Dry Cleaning – Many people forget about their dry cleaning until they go to wear something they can’t find. Make sure you pick up all your dry cleaning. While you are at it, return movies and library books, too.

  1. Keys and Garage Door Opener – Some of the most forgotten items while moving are keys and garage door openers. You might even lock the door with the key and use the garage door opener when you leave and not even realize you have neglected to leave them behind. Write yourself a note.


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