Tips for Moving Cross-Country Alone

Long distance moving is stressful if you have a significant other, friend, or family making the journey with you. If you are moving cross-country alone, there is often even more stress and anxiety felt. Not only is there concern over actually arriving at your destination, you are probably also worried about what will happen when the movers leave. Are you prepared to be entirely on your own, and so far away from everyone?


Create a Moving Checklist

 If you have to handle every last detail of your move you will want to make sure you do not forget anything. Having a checklist to reference will give you one less thing to worry about.


Compare Moving Companies

If you are looking for moving companies, NYC is saturated with them. So, if you prefer to pack pods, moving professionals can unload them at your destination. However, you have to make sure there is a place to put them when they are delivered. For a city like NYC, it is typically easier to just pay for long distance movers, and make sure you have the freight elevator booked, if necessary.


Plan Your Route

 Have your hotel rooms along the way already booked. You do not want to drive until you are exhausted and then try to find a hotel. If it is dark, you can easily get lost, if you make a wrong turn. You do not want to end up in an unsafe area.


Have Your Car Serviced

 If your car is ever going to break down or if you will ever end up with a flat tire, it will be when you are hundreds of miles away from your family and friends. Have your vehicle serviced, make sure you have a spare, and it does not hurt to throw together an emergency kit, if you do not already have one. When you pack your car be sure not to pack moving boxes so high that they restrict your view out the windows.



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