Moving Out of a Rental? The Ultimate Checklist to Ensure You Receive Your Security Deposit

It is amazing how many people forfeit their security deposit when moving out of a rental. Simply following this ultimate checklist will ensure you receive your security deposit, or at least most of it. This is money that can be used to offset the cost of the moving truck rental or movers. Of course, it can also be used to buy a new sofa or cover bills in your new place.


Fill Holes in Walls

Obviously, if there is a large hole, you are going to need to fix this, but do you intend on leaving all those nail holes unfilled? You would be surprised at how much your landlord will charge to fill holes that you could have taken care of in just a few minutes with minimal effort.


Clean the Carpets

 If you do not have a carpet cleaner, you can rent one by the day at many grocery and general stores. A couple hours of grunt work is a lot better than your landlord charging several hundred dollars to do it instead. If you cannot squeeze in the time to fully clean the carpets after the movers leave, at least spot clean any stains. If you are moving out of a rental and want to make sure you get back your security deposit then this is very important. You do not want your landlord looking for a reason to buy new carpet at your expense.


Turn in Keys

 Make sure you turn in all sets of keys when you leave. If you have lost one go get a spare made. It will only cost a couple dollars, which is a lot less than what your landlord will charge for turning in an incomplete set.


Replace and Repair Damages

 If you have a closet door off track, a leaky faucet, broken window screens, etc., these are all things that should be addressed. Most damages you can likely fix yourself, or you can hire a handyman for an hour or two to get it all done. Moving is expensive; do not let your landlord keep money you worked so hard for over a few quick fixes.



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