How to Pack Your Bathroom for a Move

If you are wondering how to pack up your bathroom for a move, the first thing you should know is that a lot can be done quite early. Many people leave this as the last thing to do when moving house because they are scared they will pack something they will need. In all fairness, there is probably a lot in your bathroom that you rarely use.



 How many cans of hairspray with one spritz or bottles of shampoo with one squirt do you need? Now is the time to use all these odds and ends or throw them away. There is no point moving items you do not need, or may never use. If they’ve went unused all this time, do you really think you’ll use them in your new home? Now would be a good time to go through and ditch all that old makeup you are clinging onto that is likely swarming with bacteria, too.


Use Plastic Bags

Plastic sandwich bags are some of the best moving supplies. Open bottles of shampoo, conditioner, gel, lotion, etc., and place the bag over the opening, and screw the cap back on. This will prevent it from leaking. You may want to use them for hair accessories, cotton balls, or powdered makeup that will make a huge mess if broken. This makes them ideal for nail polish, too.


Pack Thoughtfully

 If you are moving in summer you do not want anything that could melt or explode handled by the movers. Moving trucks get extremely hot. So, even if you are not using those things, they should still be left out to pack in the boxes or bags that will travel with you in your car.



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