Having a Baby? Why You Should Move for Extra Space

If you are having a baby, there are many reasons why you should move; extra space is one of them. You are probably thinking your studio or one-bedroom apartment will be fine for now. It is only one tiny human; how much space can he possibly need? You have at least a couple years before you really need more space, right? Wrong! That one little human comes with a whole lot of supplies.


Never a Good Time

There is never going to be a more convenient time to find a place to live and start comparing moving companies. NYC is not the easiest city to find a larger place and movers are often booked far in advance. Do you really think this will be easier to do later when you have a baby on your hip or a toddler going through a tantrum phase? You should move for the extra space now when you do not have to create a schedule around nap and feeding time.


You Need More Space

If you intend on just shuffling furniture around to squeeze in a crib and changing table for now you will be filled with regret. Have you thought about all the supplies you also need, such as diapers, a swing, stroller, toys, and playpen? You also need extra space in the kitchen for bottles, formula, baby food, etc. You do not realize how much extra stuff you need when you have a baby.


Keep Your Sanity

If you do manage to squeeze in necessary baby furniture and you cram your cupboards with bottles and sippy cups, you will be miserable. Every object in a room creates energy. Too many things make a room busy. Living in a cluttered mess can affect your sleep quality, anxiety and stress levels, and overall mood. When you are stubbing your toe on the crib or stepping on a toy when you get up in the middle of the night because there is no room, you will realize that moving house should have been done a long time ago, and now you have made it much harder on yourself.


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