Final 1-Week Move Guide

As moving day quickly approaches you will find your anxiety level rise a little more every day. Even if you did everything right and started early, you will still feel as though you have forgotten something. This final one-week moving guide will be something you can reference to make sure everything gets handled.

  • Verify your appointment with the movers. San Diego has a lot of moving traffic year-round, so even the best movers can have a scheduling issue. Just make sure you are on the same page.

  • Pack an essentials box or bag for everyone full of everything they need to get through the move.

  • Shop for healthy snacks.

  • Cancel newspaper deliver.

  • Return DVDs and library books.

  • Pick up dry cleaning.

  • Have vehicle serviced, if moving cross-country.

  • Verify utility connect and disconnect dates and return cable and internet equipment.

  • Start cleaning what you can or hire a cleaning company.

  • Empty locker at the health or country club.

  • Fill prescriptions.

  • Disconnect washer and dryer.

  • Defrost and clean fridge and/or freezer.

  • Make sure you have enough insurance coverage for the move.

  • Double check that the service elevator will be available in either or both locations the day of the move, if applicable.

  • Gather all your important documents to carry on you, including passports, loan papers, birth certificates, and medical, vet, and school records.

  • Submit a change of address at the post office, if you didn’t already do this.

Feel free to add to this one-week prior to move guide, and do not be afraid to check tasks off as they are completed. Moving does not have to be as stressful as most make it out to be. You just need helpful tips to follow.


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