Easiest Ways to Break a Lease

You may feel as though you are stuck living where you are, despite the fact that you have been offered a promotion out of state or your family is expanding. However, there are easy ways to break a lease. Not all may work for your unique situation, but in most cases, with the right approach and a little effort it can be done.


Talk to Your Landlord


Before you assume you need to pack a few moving pods in the middle of the night and vanish without any question, you should know that many landlords are far more flexible than you might expect. If you have a legitimate reason for moving, he may appreciate your honesty and a 30 to 60-day notice so much that he allows you out with no problem. If you let him show the place so someone can move in right after you and no money is lost, he may have no problem with you breaking your lease.


Read Your Lease


You may be surprised to find an easy out clause in your lease. It may say that you can terminate the lease for a job transfer, life change, etc. You should also look for any restrictions regarding subletting. Maybe you can just find someone to live there and pay rent until your lease is up.


Have a Valid Complaint


If you are ready to go get moving supplies today and pack everything because you are fed up with living there you may have a valid complaint that will hold up in court. Now, if you are looking for the easiest way to break your lease simply because you want to move, chances are pretty good that you will not be released from your lease simply for all of a sudden complaining about a noisy neighbor. You need to have valid documented complaints.




If you have exhausted every effort, sometimes a simple bribe is the only thing that will work. Ask what it will take to get out of your lease. Maybe he just wants to keep your security deposit, or perhaps he will only charge an extra month or so until it is rented. It never hurts to ask. It may mean that you won’t be able to afford the best movers, but at least you will be out of your lease.



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