7 Best Cities for Retirement

If you finally have reached the point in your life you have been working so hard for, you are probably full of mixed emotions. As excited as you are to move and start the next chapter of your life, you have some big decisions to make. Deciding where to move is likely right at the top of your list. Below are the best 7 cities to retire in.


  1. Alexandria, Louisiana – Why move to Alexandria? Cheap living, above average air quality, balmy climate, and friendly folks are the reasons Forbes ranks this as a top retirement city for 2013.


  1. Ames, Iowa – Moving to Ames is not a hard decision to make when you consider that it is surrounded by gentle rolling hills, and residents enjoy 36 parks and more than 60 miles of bike trails. There is also a new $10.4 million aquatic center and a charming downtown.


  1. Asheville, North Carolina – Despite the fact that there is a high concentration of doctors here, the cost of living is lower than national average. Moving to Asheville? You will enjoy an agreeable climate, nice scenery, and plenty of opportunities to get active and volunteer. The landscape of the Blue Ridge Mountains is an obvious bonus.


  1. Athens, Georgia – If it is not in your budget to move to Greece, move to the more affordable Athens instead. The median home is only $133,000. Moving to Athens also means you have access to phenomenal health care, and a generous menu of classes and groups, including everything from gardening to cycling.


  1. Austin, Texas – Moving to Austin? With no state income tax, fantastic doctors, a warm climate, and thrilling cultural scene, it is easy to understand why.


  1. Bangor, Maine – If you had not considered New England on your list of places to retire, maybe you should. Why move to Bangor? Good metrics for aging, above average air quality, reasonable cost of living, low crime rate, and a small town feel.


  1. Billings, Montana – It often only takes one look at that rugged mountain range to decide that moving to Billings seems like the right thing to do. You will also enjoy a low cost of living, fantastic air quality, and the bluest sky you will ever see. It is not called the “magic city” for nothing.


Other places to consider moving to include Charlotte, Clearwater, Fargo, Gainesville, Huntsville, and Jacksonville.



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