Packing and Moving Electronics

Packing and moving electronics typically causes a lot of stress for most people. If you have an expensive television then you probably plan on hiring the best movers to take care of it. However, you likely have many more electronics in your home that also deserve thoughtful planning and careful handling.



 The first step in packing and moving electronics is disassembling. Now, before you just unplug these items and start disconnecting cables, stop and think about if you will remember how everything gets hooked back up. If you are disassembling your entertainment system, and you have a television, cable modem, DVD player, gaming system, or anything else connected you should label everything, so you can easily connect it at your new place. If you bought colored sticks to label your moving boxes with, these can be used for this purpose, as well. For example, when you disconnect your gaming system, place a specific colored sticker on the end of the cable and the appropriate port on the television.



 Even professionals from the best moving companies drop things. So, electronics should not simply be placed in a box and marked “fragile.” Choose a box slightly larger than the item you are packing. You do not want it to have much room to bounce around. Keep in mind, moving trucks do not have that plush four-wheel independent suspension you have on your Lexus, so every bump in the road is felt.


Use towels, sweaters, or t-shirts to wrap the item, and place all corresponding cables and cords in a plastic bag in the same box. The last step in packing and moving electronics is to use socks (or more t-shirts, etc.) to fill any available space in the box. This will keep the item secure.



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