Moving Terms Glossary

Regardless if you are planning a local or cross-country move, you will deal with a lot of paperwork you need to be able to understand. This moving terms glossary will help you understand movers quotes, as well as any documents you may be asked to sign.

  • Accessorial Services – Packing, crating, and other moving services may be provided upon request.

  • Appliance Service – This cost may be added to ensure the safe delivery of a heavy appliance.

  • Auxiliary Service – You do not see this listed on a moving terms glossary too often, but it is very important. If you live somewhere a moving truck cannot get to due to a narrow road, the truck exceeding bridge limit, or some other reason, then a smaller vehicle is used to act like a shuttle.

  • Bill of Lading – All moving companies will provide you with this contract. You need to read and understand it before signing.

  • Valuation – The value of possessions provided by the customer.

  • Estimate – This is the estimated movers cost based on the information you have provided.

  • Flight Charge – Most movers will charge an additional fee for more than one flight of stairs.

  • Full Valuation Protection – This is the most comprehensive liability plan you can buy to protect your belongings.

  • Interstate Move – Any time you cross a state line it is considered an interstate move.

  • Overflow – If all items will not fit in one moving truck, a second truck may be needed for the extra goods, also known as overflow.

  • Storage-in-transit – In some cases you may need your goods moved out of your home, but stored in a facility until you are ready to have them delivered at your new home.

  • Transportation Charge – This is a pair of words pretty much always included on a moving terms glossary. These charges cover surcharges from accessorial services, fuel, insurance, and more.


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