Simple Moving Checklist

You will find a lot of extremely detailed checklists on the Internet. However, if you are like many others, maybe you do not need something so extensive. Perhaps you just need a simple moving checklist to get you started to give you an idea of what you need to do. You can always expand on it as you need to anyway.


  • Compare moving companies

  • Gather free boxes from restaurants, stores, and other businesses

  • Determine what moving supplies you have around the house (towels, plastic bags, socks)

  • Transfer utilities or schedule new service

  • Change address

  • Cancel newspaper delivery and magazine subscriptions

  • Find out what insurance the movers provide, and determine if you need more (this step is often forgotten on a simple moving checklist)

  • Obtain renters or homeowners insurance

  • Determine what you can sell or donate

  • Have a garage sale if you have time

  • Deal with hazardous waste properly

  • Obtain school and medical records

  • Look for new school, doctor, dentist, and vet

  • Take measurements to make sure everything will fit in your new place

  • Begin packing early

  • Disassemble large items weeks in advance

  • Refill prescriptions so you have enough to get you through the move

  • Transfer prescriptions to new pharmacy, if necessary

  • Defrost freezer 24 hours in advance

  • Pack essentials box for each person in the house


The most important thing to include on your simple moving checklist is to call and verify movers. Boston, NYC, Austin, Los Angeles, and other major cities may have specific requirements that you need to handle prior to the move. Obtaining a parking permit for the moving truck, so it can park on the street by your loft as it gets unloaded is a good example.




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