How to Move Plants

Most people are surprised to learn that even some of the best moving companies won’t transport their plants. You might just assume you can box them up, poke a few air holes and write “fragile” on the box, but there is a good chance your movers will not handle them.


Not a Good Environment


Moving trucks do not provide the climate-controlled environment your plants need. In the winter they can be as cold as a freezer and in the summer they can feel like an oven. Plus, your plants will not appreciate being bumped around back there.


State Laws


Although you may be trying to determine how to move plants in a way that they are least stressed, you need to make sure that taking them to your new place is a legal option. If you find a moving company that will handle them, or you decide to transport them yourself, you need to check to see if there are laws against any types of plants you have. You will need to check the regulations of the state you are moving to.


Move Them Yourself


If you are wondering how to move plants because you intend on handling them yourself, you can simply put then in boxes, Rubbermaid containers, a laundry basket, or a clean trash bin. You do not want to just set them in your trunk or the floor of your car because they can topple over the first time you turn a corner. Make sure they are secure in one of the aforementioned containers. Avoid using the trunk if it is hot or cold outside. The goal is to not expose the plants to drastic changes in temperature.



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