How to Choose a Neighborhood

The perfect house could turn out to be a nightmare, if you do not consider its surrounding environment. That dream house with walk-in closets, gorgeous hardwood floors, and an extra-large deck could turn into something from a horror-thriller film, if you do not choose the right neighborhood. What if you are still unpacking moving boxes when you discover the house next door likes to have weekend parties with loud music and fireworks? What if you discover the bus picks up and drops off students right in front of your house, and you do not even have kids? Put as much time into choosing your neighborhood and street as you do your house.

  • Crime Rate – In many cases you can search the Internet to determine what the crime rate is. If you cannot find any information, simply stop in or call the serving police department, and ask about it. Someone will be able to give you an honest answer.

  • School District – If you have children or plan on starting a family in the future, you should read reviews and look into the school district. If you do have children and are strongly considering a home, see if you can make an appointment to tour the facility.

  • Visit Often – If you are wondering how to choose a neighborhood, this is one of the most important moving tips to keep in mind. You need to drive through at various times of the day and night during the week and weekend. This is the only way you will get a realistic view of what you will be dealing with.

  • Drive the Commute – You may be thinking that a 40-minute commute to and from work will not be bad, but have you actually tried the route? If you hit a high traffic area at rush hour, your commute could become quite long. It will not be any easier if you run the risk of sitting at a train, or getting behind a school bus for the entire route. Drive to and from work at the time you normally would. If you are trying to determine how to choose a neighborhood, this may play a leading role.

If you’re already set on a house and a neighborhood, ask the locals what it’s like. You can ask local moving companies, real estate agents and school officials.


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