Rent a Truck vs. Hire Movers

Nearly everyone planning a move has to decide whether to rent a truck vs. hire movers. They both have their advantages and disadvantages, and both may seem appealing to you. Don’t rush into a decision before you weigh the pros and cons of each side.


Rent a Truck


The great thing about a moving truck rental is that you save a little money compared to hiring movers. You are in control of the time you start and end your move, and no one has to touch your personal belongings.


Rent a truck vs. hire movers is an important decision to make so you need to look at the disadvantages too. Carrying heavy items puts a lot of wear and tear on your body, and you run the risk of getting injured. You will need to call in favors from friends and family to help, the move will take longer, and you will have to deal with navigating the beast, which will not be easy in traffic or an apartment complex.


Hire Movers


Although movers cost more than renting a truck there are a lot of advantages. First, your move will be less stressful. You sit back, tell them where you want furniture to go in the new place and save your energy for unpacking. Plus you will not be complaining about your back hurting for the next week.


If you are really concerned about the expense, just take the time to request moving quotes. You may be surprised at how affordable they are, if you can be flexible with your moving date. Rent a truck vs. hire movers? Well, this is a decision only you can make.



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