Moving in the Snow

If you’re moving in the winter, the odds are elevated that you could be moving in the snow. The best moving companies are prepared to handle the dreaded white stuff, so there’s no reason to avoid moving during the coldest season.

In case Mother Nature decides to throw you a snowy curve ball, here are some useful, cold-weather moving tips.

Keep Out Warm Clothes: Moving in the snow requires that you dress appropriately.  Getting caught without the proper attire will only make things worse, leaving you cold, wet, stressed, and uncomfortable.

Wear Proper Footwear:  Aside from auto accidents, slips, slides and falls are the most dangerous aspect of moving in the snow. Wearing waterproof boots with good traction will help keep your feet warm, and keep you standing upright!

Quality Cardboard Boxes: A must on your moving checklist, sturdy and strong boxes will take some of the stress out of moving. Good boxes can afford to get a little damp or wet, even handling steady flurries when moving in the snow.

Be Prepared: The best movers will tell you that moving during the wintertime doesn’t have to be difficult if you have the right supplies on hand.  Be prepared with a good shovel to clear walkways, quality rock salt to melt ice and increase traction, and most importantly, bring the right mindset!  Between road closures and possible delays, moving in the snow requires flexibility on the movers’ part.

Above all, when moving in the snow, stay warm and stay safe!


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