Move to a City Safe from Natural Disasters

It seems as though an increasing number of people are looking to move to a city safe from natural disasters. With more and more hurricanes, tornadoes, and flooding plaguing America some of the past hottest destinations to live are now considered the less desirable. If you are ready to start comparing moving quotes to head to a place least likely to be affected by Mother Nature, focus on the following places.


  • Farmington Hills, MI – If you are looking to move to a city safe from natural disaster this classy suburb northwest of Detroit is an excellent pick. Additional cities in this area include Troy, Shelby Twp., Novi, Bloomfield Hills, and Royal Oak. The occasional heavy storm is about all you need to be concerned with here.


  • Chicago, IL – The “Windy City” may be the perfect place to go to avoid natural disasters. This is a fun and safe city with a ton of attractions. The occasional blizzard can be fierce though. If this is where you end up moving, house rentals and purchases are significantly cheaper in the outskirts of the city and it’s best to move in the summer.


  • Allentown, PA – Although this Philly city does feel a little after effects of eastern hurricanes, it is far enough inland that it has yet to deal with significant damage.


  • Dayton, OH – Although the Great Dayton Flood that occurred in 1913 was devastating, a major flood control district keeps the city safe from this disaster occurring again.


  • Bethesda, MD – Bethesda is an exciting place to consider if you want to move to a city that’s great for families and free of natural disasters. Do also check out Rockville, Frederick and Washington, DC.


Additional locations to consider moving, include Syracuse and Buffalo in New York, and Akron and Cleveland in Ohio.



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