Easy Ways to Pack Your Clothes

There is absolutely nothing fun about packing or unpacking your wardrobe, aside from discovering pieces you forgot you had. The bedroom is often the last room tackled before the moving company arrives because it is the most dreaded. If this sounds like you, you’ll be happy to learn that there are easy ways to pack your clothes.


  • Keep it on Hangers – Lay a sheet on your bed. Put everything in your closet in the middle of the sheet and tie the ends together. You can lie this across your backseat or on your sofa in one of your moving pods. Everything is still on hangers and ready to go in the closet. An alternate is to open a garbage bag and wrap large sections of your closet in each one.


  • Press’n Seal – If you are looking for easy ways to pack your clothes, this method should be very appealing. Buy a roll of Glad Press’n Seal and seal each individual drawer in your dresser. Why bother unpacking these drawers? They make the perfect moving boxes.


  • Fill in Gaps – Rather than pack socks, tees, tanks, and sweaters, put them to good use. Socks are perfect to wrap glasses and stemware, and tees are ideal for glass bowls and plates. You can also roll all these items and use them to fill space in boxes. By rolling instead of folding you will not end up with wrinkles.


  • Gym Bags – Nearly everyone has an array of gym bags, backpacks, decorative bags, etc., lying around. These are perfect for clothes, and since they are soft, you can squeeze them around boxes in your car.


  • Balance with Shoes – Since clothes are fairly light and shoes are a little heavier, consider mixing the two. If you are using luggage, a hamper, etc., to pack, put a few pair of shoes on the bottom and then clothes on top. When you compare movers, find out if the one you settle on has any rules against bags being used. Some will only handle sealed boxes while others are a bit more flexible. Bags may be one of the easy ways to pack your clothes, but if your movers won’t touch them then you will find yourself scrambling to repack while they wait.



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