Best Free Packing Materials

Movers cost money, but they are worth every penny. However, if you compare quotes and are flexible with the day, month, or season you move, you can save yourself a considerable amount of money. You can also pinch more than a few pennies if you make use of some of the best free packing materials.


 It is amazing that so many people actually spend their hard-earned money on boxes when they are available for free. You can pick them up from local retailers, liquor stores, bars, restaurants, etc. Simply talk to a manager or owner and find out what day their shipment arrives, and if it is okay if you pick up the boxes. It is very rare anyone will tell you that you can’t.


 These are some of the best free packing materials you can make use of because they are so versatile. A towel can wrap breakables. You can lay one on your dresser in the moving truck rental, so you can stack boxes on top without causing damage too. Fill space in boxes with them, lay them on your backseat before you place your clothes down, and use them for last minute cleaning.


Clothes might as well be put to good use. Socks can wrap glasses and stemware, and t-shirts are perfect for plates, bowls and breakable décor. Nearly anything is ideal to stuff in a box to take up any available space so contents are held more securely.

 Trash Bins

 As long as you give your trash bins a good cleaning, there is no reason they can’t be put to use. They are generally perfect for shoes, cleaning supplies, books, or other heavy items. You can also use your clothes hamper, luggage, gym bags, etc. By saving money using free supplies, you might be able to opt for the best movers that were out of your price range.



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