Best Cross Country and Long Distance Moving Tips

If you are looking for the best cross country and long distance moving tips then you are likely feeling a lot of mixed emotions. You are probably excited to start the next chapter in your life, but stressed at the process it takes to get there. It does not have to be as overwhelming as you are thinking though. Below are some of the best cross country and long distance moving tips that will help ensure a smooth relocation.


  • Start Early – The earlier you start taking care of tasks and packing the more relaxed you will be in those final few days leading up to the move.


  • Create a Checklist – Things are bound to be forgotten because you have so much on your mind. Make a list of everything you have to do, and check the errands off as they are finished.


  • Compare Movers – If you are looking for movers, Boston has many, and if you are relocating to Texas and looking for movers, Houston, Dallas, and other major cities also have a ton to choose from. Do you hire someone local to make the journey? Will they even be legal to cross state line? Do you hire two companies to handle a transfer half way? Do you get a moving truck rental, and hire movers on each end to load and unload? Should you get a few moving pods, hire movers for the grunt work and not deal with a truck? You have a lot of decisions to make. Give yourself time to explore all your options.


  • Declutter – One of the best cross country and long distance moving tips to keep in mind is to get rid of absolutely everything you do not need. You can sell or donate most things.


  • Have the Right Insurance – A long distance move requires good insurance. There are too many things that can go wrong to be satisfied with basic coverage. Talk to the moving company about your insurance options, and also check your coverage with your renters or homeowners policy as well.



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