Living with Roommates: 5 Ways to Make it Easier

Living with roommates can be an incredibly rewarding experience. However, it can also be a nightmare, especially if disagreements or problems are not addressed promptly and handled correctly. If you go into this environment thinking that once the movers leave everything will be smooth sailing, you will likely be disappointed. Everyone will not get along 100 percent of the time, but there are five ways to make it easier.


Set Ground Rules

 Just as you probably made a moving checklist to follow to ensure everything was handled before the big day, you should also create a list of your expectations. Actually, everyone should create a list, and then all of you should sit down and create a master list that everyone agrees upon. If you do not like to talk before your caffeine fix, let everyone know. If a roommate requests that you not hit the snooze button 15 times in the morning, respect their wishes.

 Do Not Allow Issues to Build

 Many people have a hard time living with roommates because they keep their feelings inside until they explode. If you do not appreciate her using your expensive shampoo then tell her before the bottle is gone and you are irritated. You could always politely hint and ask if she needs anything from the store when you go because you noticed she is out.

 Be Respectful

 Treat your roommates the way you wish to be treated. This includes their belongings. Leaving your water bottle on his wood table so it creates a ring is unacceptable, as is making your morning smoothie when he just got home from the night shift at his second job.

 Do Not Take things Personal

 Some people assume that just because they are living with roommates that they all have to be friends. You can be friendly without being best friends. Do not expect to be invited everywhere they go and do not assume it’s okay to barge in and start eating the pizza they just had delivered.


 Be Flexible

 If you moved to Manhattan, chances are good that when you started looking for moving companies, NYC was full of them, but they were all pretty booked. You may have had to be flexible with the date or time. Sometimes you need to extend this level of flexibility to those you live with.



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