Hidden Costs of Moving

You have probably heard horror stories of people getting their bill and finding a number of fees that they were not expecting. You might assume that if you hire one of the best moving companies, this won’t happen to you. Sorry to say that anyone can find themselves surprised and angered by the hidden costs of moving. It is important that you be as honest as possible about your belongings when requesting moving quotes. “Forgetting” to tell someone they will need to deal with three flights of stairs is never a good idea.


  • Long Carry – If movers have to carry your belongings a long distance they will likely charge for the labor. If you know they will need to park a considerable distance away, inquire about these fees. Some companies consider 50 feet long.


  • Heavy Items – You can expect to be charged extra for large or heavy items, such as a jungle gym, trampoline, piano, freezer, riding lawn mower, or hot tub. Make sure you tell the company about these items when requesting a quote or you will discover firsthand how expensive the hidden costs of moving can be.


  • Packing Supplies – You may think that charming young man is being awfully kind wrapping your flat screen television with bubble wrap or laying blankets between each shelf of your disassembled entertainment center, but there could be a charge for all these supplies.


  • Elevator – You might not expect there to be a charge to use an elevator, but there is extra work involved with the loading and unloading process.


  • Extra Stops – If you ask your movers to make a stop at your mom’s house so you can pick up her old sofa, you will likely be charged extra.


  • Disassembling – Your pool table or piano movers may tell you they have a specialist who can disassemble certain components, but did you remember to ask if there is a charge?






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