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Tips to Avoid Dishonest Movers and Moving Scams

We’ve heard about moving nightmares. We’ve heard about fraudulent companies. There are hundreds of moving horror stories that makes moving even more unpleasant. There are warning signs, however, that you must be aware of before hiring a mover. Watch out for these red flags to ensure you do not hire a rogue mover –
  • Physical location – A moving company without a physical address is definitely a bunch of crooks that leave without a trace after taking the deposit or your belonging.
  • Not insured – An uninsured mover is more interested in duping you for your savings instead of guaranteeing the safety of your belongings.
  • Huge initial deposits – Although most companies ask for a small upfront payment, any mover who demands an outrageously huge payment upfront should not be hired.
  • Skeptical to answer your questions – The moving industry is complex. If you do not understand something, be sure to ask for clarification. If a mover is skeptical or will not answer your questions, move on to the next one.
Keep these tips in mind and select the best local movers in Los Angeles to save you from unnecessary trouble.

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