Making Your Cat Adjust in Your New House

Cats are very territorial animals and they get attached to places, much more than dogs. Moving to a new location can be highly traumatic for your feline friend and he/she will definitely find it difficult adjusting to the new surroundings. Here are some important tips that will help your cat adjust to its new location –
  • Make sure that you keep the cat in one room for the initial 3-4 days. This will allow the cat to familiarize with the room and feel secure and comfortable there.
  • Once your cat has adjusted to the room, allow it to come out and roam the house. However, do not allow the cat to wander off, as it’s possible that he/she may not return home.
  • Once your cat has adjusted to the new surroundings, you can take it to the lawn and let it enjoy its freedom.
  • During the initial days of settling at your new house, it is advisable not to meddle with the schedule your cat used to follow at your old house.
  • Cats tend to have nervous stomachs, so don’t feed him/her too much on Move Day. Make sure water is available to prevent dehydration. Make sure to bring your cat’s food and water dishes – keeping familiarities is crucial.
Moving is an arduous activity for your cats, so make the move easier for all involved with these kitty tips.

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