Easy Tips to Save Money when You Move

Who said moving has to cost an arm and a leg? Here are some easy tips that will help you save money when you move –
  • Arranging a garage sale is one of the smartest ways of clearing the clutter from your home – and, you can even make money from it! Anything that you don’t use – sell it! This may include old clothes, bicycles, gaming consoles, comics, kitchenware or any other things that you do not want to take (and pay to move) to your new home.
  • Instead of buying moving supplies and boxes, ask your local retailers to provide you with extra boxes that they may have. There are also plenty of places that are happy to provide free cardboard boxes.
  • If you have pets that are moving with you, ask a friend to do the favor and sit for them on the moving day.
  • Use newspaper, old rags and towels instead of expensive packing supplies. Rags are great to separate glass plates, bowls and stemware.
  • Get moving estimates from different movers. This will allow you to compare the moving costs and help you select the mover that offers the best quote and services.
Keep these tips in mind to avoid spending your hard-earned money on your move!

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